Virginia Child Identification Program (VACHIP)

Effective October 1, 2018, the Grand Lodge of Virginia Child ID (VACHIP) Program ended.

In the future, the Committee on Child ID will be replaced with a new committee composed of Virginia Masons committed to protecting Virginians most valuable resource, our children. Their goal will be to support current and future programs that are now focused on contemporary issues impacting upon the youth of today, such as bullying, Internet and social media safety, gangs, drugs, and youth suicide awareness and prevention, as well as promoting and encouraging civility, respect and good citizenship.

I wish to express to each and every Lodge and Brethren, who have worked so hard to promote the Grand Lodge of Virginia Child ID Program, my sincerest appreciation for all you have done.

Most sincerely and fraternally,

Gary W. Taylor
Grand Master

Brethren, If your Lodge or District has a Child ID computer system that you are donating to the Sheriff's office or otherwise disposing of, please contact the Grand Lodge of Virginia Committee on Information Technology at to obtain a change of ownership, and release of liability form for the recipient to sign, and a program that needs to be run on the computer that will reset the Child ID software to factory defaults, and remove all VACHIP, INC. and Grand Lodge of Virginia branding, images, logos, documents, and other information.